Kate Foltz
Kate Foltz's Fundraiser
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We can be the hands and feet of our God and continue to spread courage and love to our people.

Join me and help make a difference to a very deserving community.

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$2,233 towards $2,200

Join me in supporting real change. Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Be courageous and help provide us an opportunity to build a sense of purpose on Mountain by donating to our Summer Staff Volunteers fundraiser.

I am very blessed to say that I will be returning to my favorite mountain for my third summer, but this time as a program manager. Mountain T.O.P. is located in the breathtaking mountains of the Cumberland Plateau. We as a ministry strive to meet four needs in the communities we work with. The four needs are spiritual, social, emotional, and physical. In spreading these needs we hope to spread the love and forgiveness of our savior to those who may not have the same opportunity to know or see as most of us do. As a program manager I will be in charge of the events happening inside of camp all summer including worship setup and worship flow. Also as a program manager, I will be responsible for teaching my ministry coordinators to become leaders for Christ.

Thank you all so much!

Kate Foltz