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Hello!! This summer I'm so excited to have the privilege of returning to Mountain T.O.P as a Service Project Manager!! My job will include things like organizing projects for the campers to do and delivering materials the the work sites. I can't wait to be able to serve the people of the Cumberland Plateau for the summer and see how the Lord works. I'm very excited to see how Mountain T.O.P makes a difference in the community this summer. Mountain T.O.P. strives to meet the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people in this area through programs such as Day Camp and Youth Summer Ministry service projects. Mountain T.O.P also aims to empower the people we work with, this is done by being a partnership ministry. Since Mountain T.O.P. is a partnership ministry, to work there I need to raise my living expenses and part of my salary. I would love it and be so incredibly grateful if you would be willing to partner with me financially, any donation is so helpful and appreciated and I would also appreciate prayerful support!! Thankful beyond words for your partnership!!

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