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We can to spread courage to all campers who travel to the Mountain.

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Join me in supporting real change. Let's support those in the seven counties Mountain T.O.P. works for and all the campers who encounter them. Together we can work to make a difference. Be courageous and help provide us an opportunity to build a sense of purpose on Mountain by donating to our Summer Staff Volunteers fundraiser.

Hello everyone! I am so grateful to announce that I will be returning to Mountain T.O.P. as a Program Manager at Pines. Mountain T.O.P. partners with community members and volunteers from across the country to meet physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs through multiple different mission programs. After serving with Mountain T.O.P. for five summers as a YSM camper I had the privilege of spending my whole summer there! Through my first summer I got too see the beauty of God withing everyone that I met. I served on a staff that worked together to create the best experience for all of our campers, ourselves and most importantly the families we serve for. I am so blessed to return as a Program Manager which entails working with Ministry Coordinators for worships, games and all scheduling withing camp. I can not wait to utilize my gifts in different ways and grow myself spiritually. I want all campers and families that we come in contact with to feel the love of God and the power to grow in life.

Because Mountain T.O.P. is a non-profit organization, I am responsible for raising the costs of my living expenses and a portion of my salary. Partnering with me is a unique opportunity to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of campers and community members. I would greatly appreciate any and every partnership, as every dollar will help me return to the Mountain and manage camp activities this summer. Prayers are also greatly appreciated as my fellow staff members and I prepare for another incredible summer. Thank you for your support!

I appreciate you all more than I could describe!