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We can spread courage to underserved children in the Cumberland Plateau

Join me and help make a difference. Please partner with me today.

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Join me in supporting real change. Let's bring the light of God to the children of Grundy County. Help me instill courage, resilience, self-confidence, and faith within the children of Grundy County.

Hello everyone! I am humbled and thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as a Day Camp Manager at MountainT.O.P. this summer. MountainT.O.P. is a non-profit organization located in Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, one of the most impoverished regions of the nation. MountainT.O.P. partners with community members and volunteers from across the country to meet physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs through providing Day Camp programs and home repairs. Last summer, I had the life-changing experience of working as a Day Camp Ministry Coordinator, which allowed me to witness firsthand the tremendous impact that MountainT.O.P.'s program has on local children. At Day Camp, children learn about character traits and healthy choices, and they participate in field trips that teach them about their community and hopeful opportunities for their future. Most importantly, however, children are exposed to the love of Jesus through Bible lessons and the love and support of volunteers and summer staffers. The children walk away from their Day Camp experience knowing that they are important individuals who have inherent value and worth and are loved unconditionally by God.

Because MountainT.O.P. is a non-profit organization, I am responsible for raising the costs of my living expenses and a portion of my salary. Partnering with me is a unique opportunity to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of underserved children. I would greatly appreciate any and every partnership, as every dollar will help me return to the Mountain and manage the Day Camp program this summer. Prayers are also greatly appreciated as my fellow staff members and I prepare for another incredible summer. Thank you for your support!

Love always,